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While working, watching TV, talking to friends over a cup of coffee. Not only in these activities does it keep us company. Upholstery fabric has been with us since time immemorial. And since time immemorial it has been providing us with comfort. We have been able to add other characteristics to its pleasant surface and eye-pleasing design. Today, upholstery fabric satisfies our increasingly urgent need for comfort in other ways, as well. We are able to enhance its technological properties to prevent the formation of stains and mechanical damage.

Choose fabric, and we will tell you where it fits. We will recommend possible surface treatment, and offer other alternatives. Or the other way round. Tell us what you work with and what you need. Leave the rest to us.

Do you want an example? Are you concerned about resistant stains? Learn about the benefits of Cleanink surface treatment. Are you looking for covers for outdoor furniture? Choose from the Capone collection. Are ecology and sustainability on your mind? Have a look at the Sparr fabric portfolio.

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