About us

Our company acquired its current name in 2016. But our story began to be written long before that. We have been involved in the distribution of upholstery fabric, knitted mattress fabric and furniture fittings since 2007. If you have been working in the field for some time, you may be aware of the brand Haugen CZ in connection with our product range. It was under this brand that we did business for the first 9 years of our existence. Therefore, we have decided to demonstrate our love for the Nordic tradition and values, which include reliability, precision and responsibility, not only in the company name, but also in the logo and website that you are currently viewing. 

Reliability and mutual care

What hasn’t changed over the years is our team and approach to business. We cooperate with our suppliers and customers on a long-term basis. And we are here for them at all times. We help them with the selection of suitable products, ensure tailor-made product adjustments, and support them in the case of necessary complaints or other sudden events that simply belong to business.

Some of our experts have been working in the textile field for more than 20 years. And because mutual cooperation is a matter of great importance for us, we regularly share individual knowledge and experience. Thanks to that, even the most demanding customer would not surprise us.

We are able to come up with a tailor-made solution. Literally.

We choose our suppliers carefully. We take an interest in their production possibilities, responsibility towards the environment, and their overall company philosophy. We also maintain close relations with them. That’s why we only have a handful of them, and we definitely don’t hide them. 

Responsibility towards nature

We acknowledge our responsibility not only towards customers, but also towards nature. Therefore, the issue of sustainability and consideration is intertwined with our work and personal lives. It seems completely unnecessary to burden nature, especially when we are able to work with materials that are extremely environmentally friendly. An example can be the use of non-traditional raw materials and recyclable polyester from PET bottles.

Tradition combined with new trends

The destinations of our business trips include a number of European countries. We regularly visit our foreign suppliers, customers and international trade fairs in Germany, Belgium, Turkey and Sweden. But we definitely do not intend to leave our headquarters in Hlinsko in Bohemia, a picturesque town with a rich textile history. The domestic market, together with tradition, is still a priority for us.

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