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Trends in interior design are changing rapidly, and they are not just about colours, patterns and shapes, but also about a number of technologies and innovative materials.

For mattresses, this development is the same, if not faster, which is aided by new production technologies and the pursuit of maximum sustainability.


There is no need to replace the whole bed or mattress, in some cases, it is enough to get a new mattress cover, or use an additional rolled mattress in order to achieve a better result and better sleep. These complementary modern products have new features, are made using innovative technologies, and the client can buy them at an affordable price from a wide range of choices. Innovative products attract customers and in this case, these products have a direct impact on their health. They are important for them because they improve the quality of everyday sleep.

What high-tech products are they? They include stress-free fabrics, fabrics with magnetic protection, antistatic fabrics or fabrics with collagen. However, it isn’t about innovation, but also sustainability, which a large group of clients has become interested in. Interestingly, for example, BOYTEKS products, whose fabrics are made of recycled waste bottles or clothing, are gradually becoming the most popular and best-selling products. We can definitely say that recycled products are trends, will probably remain so for a long time, and that interest in them will grow.

Another big trend is natural products. People’s fear of new diseases and other types of cancer is growing, so a number of them have decided to reject oil-based products in search of natural products. The natural products used in mattresses are not new, but thanks to the new production technology we can process various natural materials, such as avocado, coffee or fish scales.

Trends in mattresses have always reflected customers’ shopping trends. This allows us to anticipate and respond to their wishes and requirements. The inevitable increase in sustainable and natural products is obvious!

The exclusive distributor of BOYTEKS mattress knitwear and fabrics is NORTHERN DESIGN s. r. o.

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