Application of our
leatherette in practice...

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For hotels
and healthcare facilities

Quality material, easy maintenance and a number of other properties that meet even the highest hygienic requirements. It is leatherette that will decorate cafe furniture, and add a touch of luxury even to the most ordinary armchairs in the hotel lobby. 
But leatherette does not only have an aesthetic function. It has been traditionally used in healthcare. The absence of seams, antibacterial surface and easy maintenance make it a perfect material for covering beds and other medical equipment. Individual parts are not sewn together, but welded. Thanks to this, the uniform smooth surface guarantees easy cleaning and a hundred percent compliance with hygiene requirements.
Where can leatherette be used?

  • in healthcare facilities
  • in old people’s homes
  • in hospice care facilities
  • in hotels and boarding houses
  • in the restaurant industry
  • in households
  • in public transport

You may also have come across the terms eco-leatherette or eco-leather. They also fall into the category of leatherette, which is leather imitation fabric.
Most commonly, it is a combination of PVC material and woven fabric.

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