We often mention the possibilities of custom furniture production. However, we have not yet focused on the area of upholstered furniture, which also offers a lot of variants and options. There is no need to choose from a catalogue of standardized sets, our manufacturers will allow you to use your imagination in this segment, as well.



It is not just a matter of choosing a cover, although it plays an important role in the complete colour tuning in the interior. When using custom production, you can choose from countless colours, structures and types of upholstery materials. They can also be combined with each other to create completely original solitaires. Also, don’t forget to choose the threat colour and the type of stitching for the cover.

The choice of the shape and size of the armrest and backrest cushion is a matter of course. You can also choose furniture legs without any restrictions, metal or wooden, where you can also choose the type of wood, even the shade of staining. Every detail really matters. For demanding clients, it is worthwhile considering the rigidity of the foam for the backrest and seat which can, of course, also be chosen according to the end customer wishes. An experienced upholsterer, who will make the sofa, will help you with that.

In this article, however, we will focus on the selection of fittings.

Similar to the production of standardized sets, custom production of upholstered furniture uses various special fittings. In most cases, they are not designed and produced by the upholstered furniture manufacturer, but by a specialized manufacturer of upholstered furniture fittings. And what can you find in such an offer?

Let us start with the most common product, which is folding systems. The Puma system allows you to insert part of the upholstered surface under the seat cushions, which extend and lift when unfolding. This makes the seating part very easy to enlarge. The DL system works on the principle of folding the rear backrest and extending the seat, which easily gives us a lying surface for occasional sleeping. The Venus and Vespa variants have double folding under the seating part, making the lying area really large, so that two people can occasionally sleep on it. It is worth mentioning the Minos fittings, which allow you to create a single bed from a classic armchair. So we could continue in a similar vein and mention, for example, fittings for the folding seat which enable to create storage space, and the same is possible for classic beds.

The Lounge system, which can position the backrest and seating area, will be suitable for more demanding customers. Take a look at the entire product range, and you will find that the sofa is also worth further consideration.

The Stalmot & Wolmet SA brand fittings are imported by NORTHERN DESIGN, the exclusive distributor for the Czech Republic, which also focuses on the supply of various types of upholstery fabrics, leatherettes and mattress knitwear.

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